The Plan

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Richard Kremers Illustrations from my Encyclopedia

Derek Ogbourne


Camera Obscura. From Athanasius Kircher: Ars magna lucis et umbrae in mund. 2d ed. (Amsterdam 1671), p709.

Kuhne’s optographic chamber, as described in Kuhne, 1878 (fn.21). pp 232-33 Ewald /Kuhne (fn.28) pp. 374-75

This is Kremer’s interpretation of the chamber and my first knowledge of it.

What follows are my construction plans for the chamber and its fittings

Derek Ogbourne

Instructions in German that appear on the lid of the rabbit holding device seen below. The rabbit becomes in effect part of the camera or trapped within it’s confines, this is in contrast to the human optogram device where we peer into the camera.