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The Museum of Optography is a series of art exhibitions created by Derek Ogbourne that have as their central core the idea of ‘The Last Image’ bleached on to the retina at the moment of death. Some 300 works, four catalogues and an encyclopedia now comprise the MoO (Museum of Optography).

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I constructed this website in order to bring to life the idea of the Museum of Optography in all its complexity in a way that could be understood clearly.

I always found it difficult to explain this project because all the elements are so diverse. The best way ultimately to witness the MoO is to see the exhibition in three dimensions.

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The Optogram’s

In Search of Immortality in the Museum of Optography

A Thump in the Eye
        A Film by Michael Slowe

If you’re interested in hosting my Museum or The Chamber in a contemporary art museum, gallery, or a venue that has a connection with science or photography,  please get in touch.

Derek Ogbourne